FATHER, Most High God, in Jesus name;      

I praise You that I have not come to a mountain of darkness, but to the heavenly Jerusalem (Heb.12:22), that I may approach the throne of grace with boldness (Heb.4:16), not as a slave, but as a child saying "daddy" (Ro.8:15). Jesus is my mediator (I Tim.2:5). He lives to intercede for me (Heb.7:25). I have been purified by His blood ( I John 1:7). Having confessed my sin, You are faithful and just to forgive me (I John 1:9 & II Cor.5:19) and I may now concentrate on You and not on my former sin (Heb.10:22). Jesus is the way (John 14:6) into the Holy of Holies (Heb. 9:8). The old curtain has been torn (Matt. 27:15) that I may enter into Your presence (Heb.10:20) offering a sacrifice of praise from my lips (Heb.13:15). I am the aroma of Christ (II Cor.2:15), my prayers are as incense unto You (Rev.5:8). I have been born of incorruptible seed (I Pe.1:23); indeed, I have been given fellowship with You (I John 1:3). When Jesus said, "It is written" the matter was settled (Matt.4:4). I know that Jesus is the Word (John 1:1) and that You have made known to me the mystery of Your will through Your Word (Eph.5:19). I know You always heard Jesus (John 11:42) who prayed Your will (John 6:39). By lifting up Your Words, which are Your will, I know that I am heard (I John 5:14); therefore, according toYour will I come before You with praise and prayer from Your Holy Word.     

I am of the Body of Christ (I Cor.12:27 & 6:15). I am a Son of God (Heb.2:11, Eph.2:10, Ro. 8:14 & I John 3:1). I overcome evil with good (I John 5:4). Satan has no power over me for the Greater One dwells within me. Greater are You that is in me then he that is in the world (I John 4:4). No evil will befall me, neither will any plague come nye my dwelling for You have given Your angels charge over me; they keep me in all my ways, and in my pathway is life (Ps.91:10 - 12). You bless the home of the righteous (Prov.3:33), and because of faith I am counted among the righteous (Ro.4:23).     

I thank you Father that no weapon formed against me will prosper (Isa.54:17) but that whatever I do will prosper (Ps.1:3). I commit unto you my very life and all my plans knowing therefore that they will succeed (Prov.16:3). I am a tree planted by the river of water (Ps. 1:3 & John 7:38). You have given me rule over the earth and all that dwells in, on, and over it (Gen. 1:26). The earth has been given to me (Ps.115:16).      

I shall not waiver through unbelief regarding Your promises, but shall give all praise, glory, and honor to You; being fully persuaded that You have the power to do what You have promised (Ro.4:20). Your Word has been from the be-ginning (John 1:2). Your promises, made then, are still in effect today; this year, this very moment (Heb.13:8, 6:17 & Mal.3:6) for You do not lie (Titus 1:2 & Heb.6:18). Heaven and earth shall pass away, but Your Word shall not pass away (Mk.13:31); indeed, Your Word shall be with me even unto the end of the age (Matt.28:20). You have told me that You are watching to see that Your Words are fulfilled (Jer.1:12). To confirm Your covenant with Abraham, You swore by Yourself: Your Word was sufficient (Gen. 22:16-17 & Heb.6:13). Your covenant was kept (Matt.1:1-17)! Now You have made Your Word the surety of Your new covenant with me (Heb.7:22). You are the same Father who calls things that are not as though they were (Ro.4:17). Through You I am sure of things hoped for and certain of things not seen (Heb.11:1). My faith rests on Your power - not man's wisdom (I Cor.2:15), for now I live by faith, and not by sight (II Cor.5:7)     

In the name of Jesus I know that You are able to do more for me then I could ever ask, or even imagine (Eph.3:20). Your Word says that whatsoever things I desire when I pray, to believe that I receive them (Mk.11:24). I shall obey Your commands and do what pleases You (I John 3:22); therefore, I believe that my needs are met according to Your riches in Christ Jesus (Phil 4:19). In Christ You have blessed me in the Heavenly realm with every spiritual blessing (Eph.1: 3). I have given; therefore, according to Your word it is given to me in good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over (Lk.6:38). I have abundance and there is no lack - I sow bountifully therefore, I reap bountifully (II Cor.9:6). Father You make all grace abound toward me, and I, having all sufficiency in all things, do abound in every good work (II Cor.9:8), for I am Your workmanship, created in Christ for that very purpose (Eph.2: 10). The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want (Ps.23:1). I have been made rich in every way so that I can be generous on every occasion, and through me this generosity will result in thanksgiving to You (II Cor. 9:11). I set my offering before Jesus, my High Priest (Heb.7:17), who takes it from my hands and places it before Your throne (Deut.26:4). I therefore implore You to look down from heaven and bless my home (Deut.26:15) and open the floodgates of heaven upon me and my family (Mal.3:10).     

Your Spirit of Truth abides in me (John 14:17) and teaches me all things while guiding me into all truth (John 16:13). You have given me eyes that see and ears that hear (Matt.13:16); therefore, I confess that the wisdom of God is formed within me (Ja.1:5). I trust in the Lord with all my heart and I lean not on my own understanding (Prov.3:5). I let the Word of Christ dwell in me richly in all wisdom (Col.3:16). I do follow the good Shepherd, I know His voice - the voice of a stranger I will not follow (I Pe.2:25, John 10:27 & Rev.3:20), therefore I am blessed because I do not seek the counsel of the ungodly (Ps.1:1).     

I believe that Your Words, and the mysteries of Your very being have been hidden from the world (I Cor.2:14); but that through seeking (Matt.7:7) and in faith believing, the very secrets of God - even the Father and Christ in whom are hidden all treasures of wisdom and knowledge - are being revealed to me (Col.2: 2-3). They have not been hidden from me, but for me that I may use them in Love for Your glory (I Cor.2:9 & Matt.1:25). I proclaim not my righteousness, but my righteousness in Christ Jesus (Phil.3:9 & Ro. 4:22). I praise You and thank You for the health of my body. I am healed by the stripes of Jesus (Isa.53:5) and Your Words are life and health to my physical being (Prov.3:8). You are the God that heals me (Ex.15:26). Not just part of me, but You heal all my diseases (Ps.103:3). By the power and authority of the name of Jesus; given to me by Him (Mk 16:17 & Matt.28:18), which is above all names in heaven and earth (Phil 2:9), I bind all the powers of Satan which are directed towards me. With my praise I do further bind his kings and nobles with shackles of iron (Ps.149:8). I extinguish all of Satan's fiery darts by my shield of faith (Ro.10:17) which has been freely given through Your Holy Word (Ro.10:17). Not by my power, but by the power of Your living water, I have quenched the fire of my sinful tongue (Ja. 3:6 & John 7:37). I thank You for leading me in triumph through Christ (II Cor. 2:14).      

I know from Your Word that only through Your Spirit can I acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh (I John 4:2 & 4:15), that Jesus Christ is Lord (I Cor.12:3), and that Jesus Christ has risen from the dead (Ro.10:9). I know that because of these acknowledgments You live in me and that You are Love (I John 4:15-16). I know that the Love that brought Christ to earth to die for me dwells with in me and that because of that Love, I can love all men. Therefore, Your Love is being made complete in me (I John 4:12 & 2:5). I do further praise You and worship You, for I am persuaded that no power in all creation will be able to separate me from Your Glorious Love (Ro.8:38).     

Because I will not be separated from You, I will bear much fruit (John 15: 5). You have promised that greater works than Jesus would I do (John 14:12), that in bearing this fruit I will bring glory unto You (John 15:8). Not only by bearing fruit, but You have allowed me to glorify You with my praise (Eph.1:12 & Lk.2:20). You have chosen me and made me a Royal Priest that I may declare Your praises (I Pe.2:9). After allowing me to glorify You with my praise, You tell me that You inhabit the very praise I offer up to You (Ps. 22:3), that I am blessed because I have learned to praise You (Ps.89:15), and that You will delight in me because of my praise (Ps.149:4). I will take You at Your Word and give thanks unto You regardless of the circumstances in which I momentarily find myself (I Thes.5:18). I exchange my spirit of fear for the garment of praise You offer me (Isa.61:3). Your perfect Love, which is in me, drives out all fear (I John 4:18). You are the stronghold, the very fortress of my life (Ps.27:1). Since You are for me, no one can stand against me (Ro.8:31).     

Through faith I know that I can cast, not timidly give, but cast all my cares upon You (I Pe 5:7, Phil 4:6 & Ps.54:22). That by hoping in You I have renewed strength (Isa.40:31), perfect peace (Isa.26:3), and will remain in Your everlasting arms (Deut.33:27). Since You give me my strength, I can do everything through You (Phil.4:13). Even though my adversary the devil prowls about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour (I Pe.5:8), I have been given Victory in my Lord Jesus Christ (I Cor.15:57) and shall lack nogood thing though the lion shall grow weak (Ps.34:10).     

You have given me the choice, and I choose life through Your grace (Deut.30:19). Having chosen life, I know that not one of Your promises has ever failed (Josh 23:14), that You do not speak without acting (Nu.23:19), nor does Your Word return unto You void (Isa.55:11). I know that these promises are for today, for in this world I am like Jesus (I John 4:17). I am to act on Your will that I may become pure and blameless in this generation (Phil 2:15) and thereby present myself to You spotless and without wrinkle when You return (Eph.5:27). I shall not pray my problems and thereby become ensnared by the words of my mouth (Prov.6:2), for You know what I need before I pray (Matt.6:8). Rather, I shall pray the solution through Your Word knowing that I have received (I John 5:15). I know that as I lift these words unto You in prayer they will be fulfilled (Ps.145:19) and my faith will grow. (Ro.10:17).