Frederick C. Kubicek
  Chapter 1 - HOPE  

Even as we walk in faith, there is a hope that we are to have. There is a hope that causes us to have a favorable, confident expectation of good, a happy anticipation of the future. There is a hope which must exist in every overcomer. 


This study goes into the question of: What are being approved for when God tells us to study in order that we may show ourselves approved? (II Tim.2:15) What does it mean to be transformed, or transfigured, and how does it relate to this approval? 

Chapter 3 - SEARCH FOR IT  

God tells us that His is a "secret wisdom," and this chapter points out the fact that it takes digging in order to find it. God's Word is opened up to us through the Holy Spirit, and the blessings He offers to those who find this wisdom are revealed. 

Chapter 4 - REVEALED GLORY  

How, when and where is God's glory going to be revealed in us? What is the relationship between our mind (soul), and transformation (transfiguration)? Old Testament references to this concept are also examined. 

Chapter 5 - SPIRIT, SOUL & BODY  

The Scriptural basis for stating that man is in reality a tri-part being and that the overcomer will experience three distinct aspects of salvation: past tense - Spirit, present tense - Soul and future tense - Body. 

Chapter 6 - THE CHRIST  

Who is the "Christ" of Matt.1:17? What is our relationship to this Christ? Is this Christ different from Jesus, and what part if any does this have to the end times? 

Chapter 7 - OVERCOMER  

This study is an initial look at what it means to have ears that hear and how those ears that hear relate to the overcomers of Revelation chapters 1 - 3. The entire question of what it means to be an overcomer is examined. 

Chapter 8 - SONS OF GOD  

In this chapter the different stages of spiritual maturity which must be passed through before the glory of God will appear in our physical bodies as it did in Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration will be discussed. The relationship which exists between the law, being led by the Spirit and maturity will also be introduced. 

Chapter 9 - THE MATURE BRIDE  

What was Israel's relationship to the Father under the old covenant? How does this relationship effect the Bride of Christ, and the timing of the wedding banquet? Why must the Bride be mature, and how does this maturity relate to our protection during the time of tribulation? 

Chapter 10 - LAW AND FREEDOM  

Since Jesus fulfilled the Law, what rules if any are we bound to adhere to? Why weren't Abraham, Isaac and Jacob held to the same level of accountability under the Law as were Moses and Aaron? How does the answer to these questions relate to our present day walk with the Lord? 

Chapter 11 - WHAT'S IN A NAME  

This study begins to open up the whole area of what God is telling us when He uses certain names in the Bible. By looking at David's mighty men, we see that God promises protection for us. By studying the meaning of the names used in the book of Nehemiah, we see a foretelling of the work of the Holy Spirit. All this leads to a discussion of what God is telling us about Himself when He uses different names to refer to Himself. 

Chapter 12 - KNOWLEDGE  

After studying this chapter, it is my hope that we will have a better understanding of what it means to truly 'know' God. Different levels of knowledge are mentioned in the Bible, and this lesson is an attempt to examine what they are, and how they relate to both our mental and spiritual understanding of the Most High. 




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