Frederick C. Kubicek
  Chapter 1 - COUNT IT ALL JOY

This study explores the relationship which exists between suffering, endurance, spiritual maturity, who causes us to suffer, and what, if anything, we can do about it.

Chapter 2 - FEAR NOT

The Bible clearly teaches us that fear, or being afraid, is not what God wants for us. The Scriptures examined in this Chapter make it clear that fear is from satan, and is in reality evidence of the fact that many times we do not truly believe that God is protecting us. On a more positive note, many Scriptures which promise His divine protection and which we can rely upon in order to overcome fear are examined.


A careful examination is made of the Scriptures which many feel purport to show that satan is a fallen angel. The origins of this concept are looked into along with what function - if any - satan serves in God's overall plan for us.

Chapter 4 - GOD'S TIME

What relationship exists between our standing on the Word, and God's timetable when it comes to the physical manifestation of His promise in our lives? What purpose is served by what often times appears to us to be an unnecessary delay between a prayer offered up in faith, and the physical manifestation of its answer?


This chapter shows the level of commitment God wants from us in order to have the God kind of life Jesus made available for us. It also points out the level of commitment necessary in order to be found spotless and without wrinkle when He returns.


Our submission to God's will in our life is the topic of this discussion and the relationship which exists between that submission and answered prayer.

Chapter 7 - PLEASE HIM 

How we please God, and its relationship to answered prayer are examined in some detail in this study.


The relationship between obedience to God and being alive and remaining at the end of the age is explored in this chapter. We will also show how obedience is related to the blessings God's people are supposed to live under, and the degree of obedience God both expects and desires from us.

Chapter 9 - HOLY HOLY HOLY

In this lesson an attempt is made to define what true holiness is as opposed to mere surface attempts to act holy. A look at the relationship which exists between holiness and purification is called for; particularly in light of what this study reveals concerning the link between "going through the wilderness" and holiness.


How are we to separate ourselves from the world and still be a beacon to it? What are the results we can expect in our own lives if we attempt to do things using a combination of God's ways and the worlds ways? Where in Scripture do we find examples to look at in order to find the answers to thee questions? This chapter attempts to answer each of these questions.


What did Jesus really mean when He told us in Matt.5:48 to be perfect as our heavenly Father was perfect? Contrary to popular belief, it would appear from the Scriptures examined in this study that perfection is something which God both directs us to enter into on this earth, and expects us to achieve through the power of the Holy Spirit in us.

Chapter 12 - YOU DO IT

Exactly what does God expect from us? What part, if any, do we play in the purification of our soul? How can we actually "speed" the coming of the Lord as mentioned in II Pe.3:12? This lesson looks at the answers to these questions.

Chapter 13 - FEAR GOD 

While the topic of this Chapter is self evident; ie. what does it mean to "Fear God." We will also examine the relationship between this Godly type of fear and wisdom & knowledge, and how all three relate to God's promise to protect His people during the end times.


While there can be no doubt that God's love for us is unconditional, it is also true that many times Christians forget to look at the conditions which God has put into effect before His blessings are poured out upon us. Some of these conditions and the reasons God has placed them before us are highlighted here.

Chapter 15 - UNITY

What are the effects that confusion, dissension, or lack of accord have had upon both the children of God and their enemies? What type of unity are we to exhibit today? Who are we to unite with, and how do we unite with those of our brothers who do not wish to fellowship with us? Finally, what will all this unity eventually lead to?


Without passing judgment, this Chapter discusses the link between loving our brother and sisters in Christ and dealing with them when they continually walk in sin and do not repent. This is not meant to be a guide on how to point out everyone else's fault, but it is a study in an area of Scripture that is often times ignored.


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