The Gospel in the Stars
Frederick C. Kubicek

     While the balance of this study will be presented in outline form, I wish to state at the outset that this is not an attempt to introduce astrology into your Christian walk. All anyone has to do to see the inroads that astrology, and so called psychics have made into American society is to watch late night TV. The airwaves are filled with advertisements for such abominations. The topics of sorcery and spiritism were covered in Points To Ponder #'s 64 & 65, and I will not reiterate all the Scriptures dealing with those topics. What I ask the reader to keep in mind is that satan always perverts the truth of God's Word. Astrology is satan's perversion of the truth that is revealed in the heavens. We must not allow satan to steal the truth from us. This study is an attempt to present in an admittedly brief way, the truth which is revealed in the heavens. 

Some believers may be surprised to learn that both the names for the constellations, and the concept of a zodiac predate 'ALL' ancient civilizations. In fact, no one is exactly sure just where the names came from, or who divided the sky into 12 segments or 'signs.' One source indicates that it was Adam's grandson Seth who actually named the most prominent stars in the various constellations. What Astrologers did was to take the 12 signs of the zodiac and attached meanings and definitions to them which generally come from Greek, Roman, or Babylonian mythology. What they forget to mention are the meanings of the ancient names of these very same stars. The positions that the stars occupy in the heavens are not determined by astrologers. Rather, the Bible quite clearly tells us that God set the stars in the skies, both as a sign for us, and as a further testament to His Glory. 

 It may not be this obvious, but few of us are truly aware of the depth to which His Glory is revealed. My reason for presenting this study here is to help each of us better understand the depth of His majesty. As you continue reading, carefully note both the names given to the various stars and their meanings. In so doing you will see that God's plan for salvation through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ has been right in front of us all the time. Let us now begin… 


(an older view)

A more modern view


A) Introduction: See Isa.47:13, Deut.4:15 & 19, Isa.65:11-12, Jer.10:2, Dan.2:5 & 27 

Zodiac = root word zoad comes from Hebrew sodi and means "A path". In Sanskrit it means "A Way" 

Ecliptic = a 360° circle, divided into 12 slices (segments) or houses ie. signs of zodiac. 

Zodiac divided into 3 books with 4 chapters (signs) in each book. Each sign has 3 decans

The last decan of each sign is always victorious

B) Where Do We Begin:  1) Temple of Esnch / Egypt Sphinx = head of woman and body of lion  *** Face looking at Virgo, Tail pointing at Leo ***   2) Other Mazzaroths in near east going back 4,000 years also show Virgo as original place of beginning, not Aries as used by modern astrologists. C) Names of Constellations of the Zodiac  1) Virtually all ancient civilizations, even those older than Babylonian empire, had same twelve signs in the same order. 

2) Job 38:31-32, the oldest book in the Bible (2150 BC) refers not only to specific constellations (Orion, Pleiades, & Arcturas) but uses the Hebrew word Mazzaroth which means "the constellations of the Zodiac" when it refers to the entire collection of such signs. 

3) Few if any of the stars actually look like what they are supposed to represent.

D) Origins of the Names:  1) Volney's Ruins (1800's) This book, as well as those by Dupuis and Bailly revealed the similarity between the names and order but totally failed to discover the origin of the signs and their meanings

2) Arabic tradition: Seth, (Adam's grandson) & Enoch 

3) a) Gen.1:14-16 (stars) ... let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days and years... 

b) Ps.19:1-3 The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament showeth His handiwork.

A) VIRGO, The Virgin 

The seed of the woman – This sign speaks of Christ as the incarnate Son of God – Fully Human & Fully Divine (Gen. 3:15) D
ivine (
Gen. 3:15)
Hebrew: Bethulah = Virgin 

Poet Aratus in 270 BC 'Beneath Bootes' feet, the virgin seek.' (Virgo is found below the feet of the constellation 'Bootes' in the Zodiac) 

B) Description: Woman holding a branch in right hand & sheaves of wheat in left. (Isa.7:14, Gen.3:15, Zech.6:12, Isa. 4:2) 

C) Bright Star: Spica = The Branch 

D) Decans: 

1) a) Name: COMA, The Desired One, Longed For One (Haggai 2:7) 

Egyptian: Shes-nu = The Desired Son 

Arabic: Adrenedefa = Pure and Immaculate Virgin

b) Description: Woman sitting in chair holding a child in her arms. (Modern corruption called 'Berneices Hair.' This came in 283 BC when Egyptian astronomer named Conon said this was Jupiter's wig. No ancient zodiac mentions a wig. 

c) Bright Star: ***** 

2) a) Name: CENTAURUS, (Greek) Heaven begotten 

Hebrew: Bezeh = The despised one 

b) Description: Half man, half horse, twin nature. Pictured as a hunter with a spear slaying the victim. In Greek mythology the centaur voluntarily died and transferred his immortality to another. 

c) Bright star ***** 

3) a) Name: BOOTES, 

Hebrew: Bo = To Come 

Egyptian: Smat = One Who Rules & Governs 

Arcturus = He Cometh 

b) Description: Man moving forward, holding a spear and sickle 

c) Bright Star: Nekkar = The Pierced 



A) LIBRA, The scales 

The Required Price Has Been Paid – This sign relates Christ as the Redeemer who paid the full price for our sins with his shed blood – Isaiah Chapter 53

Hebrew: Mozanaim = The scales weighing 

B) Description: Pair of scales; one higher and one lower. Some ancient zodiacs show lower scale in claw of scorpion. (Dan.5:27, Ps 106:10, Rev.5:9) 

C) Bright Star: (Lower scale) Zuben al Genubi = The Price Deficient 

(Outside lower scale) Zuben Akrabi = The Price of the Conflict  

(Upper Scale) Zuben al Chemali = The Price Which Covers 

D) Decans: 


Hebrew: Adom = The Cutting Off (Dan.9:26) 

b) Description: A cross located in the darkest part of the sky. Prior to 29 AD it could be seen from Jerusalem. However, since that time, it disappeared below the horizon. Now the CORONA BOREALIS = The Northern Crown can be seen each evening at midnight!! 

c) Bright Stars ***** 

2) a) Name: VICTIMA, The victim 

Hebrew: Asedah = To be slain 

Arabic: Asedaton = To be slain 

Modern: Lupus the wolf 

b) Description: Early Arabian depiction called Sura = The lamb. (Rev. 13:8) The famous early zodiac at Dendereh shows this as a child. 

c) Bright Stars ***** 

3) a) Name: CORONA BOREALIS, The Northern Crown (Heb. 2:9 & Rev. 2:10) 

Arabic: Al Iclil = An Ornament or Jewel 

b) Description: A crown 

c) Bright Star: Al Phecca = (arabic) The Shining


A) SCORPIO, The Scorpion 

The Mortal Conflict – This sign reveals Christ as the One who was wounded for our transgressions with the bruised heel revealing His victory over Satan (II Cor. 5:21)

Arabic: Al Akrab = Scorpion, War, Conflict 

Coptic: Isidis = Attack of the enemy 

B) Description: Giant scorpion 

C) Bright Stars: (At heart) Arabic: Antares = Wounding 

(tail) Hebrew: Lesath = The Perverse 

D) Decans: 

1) a) Name: ORPHIUCHUS = The Serpent Holder (keeping the scorpion from grabbing the crown) 

Greek: Aesculapius = God man (In Greek mythology he was a physician, the Desired One

b) Description: A man struggling with serpent (Note, Scorpio is trying to sting Orphiuchus, but Orphiuchus is ready to crush Scorpio with his right heel-Gen.3:15) 

c) Bright Star **** 

2) a) Name: SERPENS  

b) Description: The serpent Orphiuchus is holding 

c) Bright Stars: ***** 

3) a) Name: HERCULES 

Hebrew: Gibbor = The Mighty One 

b) Description: Shown on one knee with mighty club raised over head. In other hand is head of Cerberus, the three headed monster who guards the gates of hell. His foot is on the head of the dragon. 

c) Bright Star: Ras al Gethi = The Head of Him Who Brusies 

2nd star = The Branch Kneeling



A) SAGITATIUS, The Archer 

The Final Triumph – This sign portrays Christ as the final victor over both sin and satan (I John 3:8).

Akkadian: Nun ki = The Prince of the Earth 

B) Description: Centaur, drawing a bow which is aimed at Atares the heart of the Scorpion (Ps.45:5) 

C) Brightest Star: Naim in Hebrew = The Gracious One 

D) Decans: 

1) a) Name: LYRA, The Harp 

b) Description: Harp 

c) Brightest Star: Vega = He shall be exalted 

2) a) Name: ARA = Consuming fire prepared for His enemies 

b) Description: Altar turned upside down pouring fire into the lower regions 

3) a) Name: DRAGO = The dragon 

Greek = Trodden down 

b) Description: Dragon under Hercules' foot 

c) Brightest Stars: Thuban = The subtle one. (about 4,700 years ago it was the pole star, now that destinction goes to Polaris) 

Rastaban Hebrew = The Head of the subtle 


A) CAPRICORN, the Goat 

Life Out Of Death – This sign reveals that through Christ we have life in Him (John 12L24)

Hebrew = Gedi, the Kid 

B) Description: Front half a Goat, rear half a Fish 

C) Brightest Stars: Al Gedi = The Sacrifice Cometh 

Ma Asad = The Slaying 

D) Decans: 

1) a) Name: SAGITTA, 

b) Description: Arrow 

2) a) Name: Aquila = The Eagle 

b) Description: A wounded falling eagle (Ex. 19:4) 

c) Bright Stars: AlTair = The Piercing, (This star is used to compute longitude at sea) 

Al Okab = Wounded in the heel 

3) a) Name: Delphinus = The Dolphin 


A) AQUARIUS, The Water-Bearer 

Blessings Out of Victory – This sign speaks of the joy of God’s Spirit poured out on His people as a result of Jesus’ victory. (John 12:24)

B) Description: Water bearers pouring water out upon Picis Australis, The Southern Fish 

C) Brightest star: ***** 

D) Decans: 

1) a) Name: PICIS AUSTRALIS = The Southern Fish 

b) Description: Fish 

c) Bright Star: ***** 

2) a) Name: PEGASUS 

b) Description: Winged Horse (Rev 6:2) 

c) Bright Star: ***** 

3) a) Name: CYGNUS = The Swan 

b) Description: Most perfectly formed cross in sky 

c) Bright Star: Deneb = The Lord to Come 

Azel = He who goes and returns quickly

Fafage = The glorious Shining Forth 


A) PISCES, The Fishes (Note: Throughout recorded history, Pisces has been an odious sign to astrologers. So much so that Assyarian & Babylonian astrologers would not eat fish. For 2000 years we have been in the 'sign' of Pisces) 

Deliverance Out of Bondage – This sign foretells of God’s deliverance for all believers from the slavery of sin through the preaching of the Gospel. (Matt. 4:18-19)

Egyptian: Pi Cot Orion = The Fish of Him Who Comes 

B) Description: Two fish united by a band tied around their tails. Band is attached to back of head of Cetus,The Sea Monster. Aries the Ram has his paw across the band 

C) Brightest Stars: Al Samaca = The Upheld (The fish are upheld by Christ Isa 41:10) 

Okda = The United 

D) Decan: 

1) a) Name: THE BAND 

b) Description: Band is attached to back of head of Cetus, The Sea Monster. Aries the Ram has His paw across the band 

c) Bright Star: ***** 

2) a) Name: ANDROMEDA = The Man ruler 

b) Description: A woman chained 

c) Brightest Star: Andromeda is a galaxy which is moving towards us, it means, the weak, the afflicted, the chained. 

3) a) Name: CEPHEUS = The Crowned King, The Royal Branch 

Egyptian: Per Ku Hor = This One Cometh To Rule 

b) Description: Man on throne, right foot on Pole Star 

c) Brightest Stars: Al Deramin = Coming Quickly 

Al Phirk = The Redeemer  

Alrai = He Who Bruises or Breaks 



Glory Out of Humiliation – The humble ‘Lamb of God’ was slain, but not He has been raised from the dead and is Ruler of all creation. (Rev. 5:12)

Hebrew: Talah = The Lamb Sent Forth 

Greek: Krios = The Lamb 

Akkadians: Baraziggar = The Sacrifice of Making Right 

B) Description: Ram facing backward the entire planiesphere 

C) Brightest Star: ***** 

D) Decans: 

1) a) Name: CASSIOPEIA, The Enthroned Woman 

Egyptian: Set = Setup as a Queen 

Antiquity = The Daughter of Splendon 

b) Description: Woman enthroned (note, Andromedia is now freed) 

c) Brightest Star: ***** 

2) a) Name: CETUS, The Sea Monster 

b) Description: Monster who threatened Andromedia. This constellation takes up more space than any other. 

c) Brightest Stars: Mira, Hebrew: Rebel 

Menkar = The Bound 

Diphada = The Overthrown 

3) a) Name: PERSEUS, The Breaker 

b) Description: Figure of man with uplifted sword in one hand and head of Medusa in the other. 

c) Brightest Stars: Mirfak = He Who Helps (in waist) Al Genb = The One Who Carries Away (in right shoulder) Al Ghoul = The Evil Spirit (in Medusa)Rosh Satan = Satan's Head 



His Glorious Coming – This sign foretells Christ’s coming in judgment like a bull upon the sinful world. (Isa. 34:2-8)

B) Description: Charging bull forepart only. Appears to be growing right out of Aries. At 12 o'clock position; whereas Scorpio is at 6 o'clock. Therefore when Taurus rises, Scorpio disappears! 

C) Brightest Star: Al Debaran = The Captain (located in the bull's eye) 

D) Decans 

1) a) Name: ORION = The Brilliant, He Who Cometh Forth as Light 

Hebrew: Chesil = A Strong One 

b) Description: Hunter holding a lion's head in left hand 

c) Brightest Stars: Betelageuse = The Branch Coming (located in right shoulder, 700 million miles in dia. the sun only 865,000 miles in dia.) 

Rigel = The foot that crusheth (located in foot) 

Bellatrix = Quickly Coming (located in shoulder) 

2) a) Name: ERIDANUS = The River of the Judge 

b) Description: Fiery river that flows out of the foot of Orion and goes past Cetus & disappears into the universe. 

c) Brightest Star: ***** 

3) a) Name: AURIGA = The Shepherd 

b) Description: A Shepherd (Charioteer) seated on the Milky Way. In his right hand is a band that used to be connected to Pisces. He has a goat or lamb in his left arm. In his lap are two new born baby goats. (Most ancient zodiac shows a scepter in right hand shaped like a cross instead of band) 

c) Brightest Star ***** 


A) GEMINI, the Twins, Castor & Pollux (see Acts 28:11) 

Christ’s Union With His Bride – This sign speaks of Christ’s fellowship with His people in His kingdom (I Thess. 4:17)

Hebrew: Thaumin = United 

B) Description: two figures seated side by side. Figure on right has a harp & bow/arrows, and one on left has club. 

C) Bright Stars: Castor = The Ruler, The Judge 

Mebsuta = Treading Underfoot (note, this star is in right leg of Castor, ie. the one who rules will tread down the enemy (Ro 16:20) 

Pollux = The Strong One Coming to Labor 

Al Henah = The Hurt, The Afflicted (note, this star is in left foot of Pollux, ie. The one who came to labor for us was afflicted Gen.3:15 

D) Decans: 

1) a) Name: LEPUS, the enemy 

b) Description: A hare under foot of Orion. Oldest zodiacs show a serpent instead of hare. 

c) Bright Star: Arnebo = The Enemy Of Him That Cometh' (Note that he was Orion's enemy) 

Nibal = The Mad  

Sugia = The Deceiver  

Rakis = Bound As With a Chain 

2) a) Name: CANIS MAJOR, The Greater Dog 

b) Description: In the Denrah zodiac in Egypt he is 'Apes' = the Head, and is pictured as a hawk, natural enemy of the serpent. 

c) Bright Star: Naz = Caused to Come Forth, Sent 

Sirus (form of word Seir)= Prince (note, Naz Seir ene, or Nazarene = Jesus the Nazarene, or the ' Sent Prince') 

3) a) Name: CANIS MINOR, The Lessor Dog 

b) Description: Again, in the Denrah zodiac in Egypt he is Sebak a human figure with a hawk's head. 

c) Bright Star: Procyon = The Redeemer 

Al Gomesia = Bearing for others 

Note: Canis Major is Prince & Canis Minor is Redeemer. In Gemini, Castor is Ruler and Pollux is one who comes to labor & is afflicted 


A) CANCER, The crab 

His Possessions Are Secure – This sign assures us of God’s promise that He will have a great kingdom filled with believers from all nations. (Gen.22:17)

Egyptian: Kalaria = The Resting Places 

Syrian: Sartano = The One Who Holds  

Khan-Cer = The Traveler's Resting Place 

(note, star in tail Tegmine means The Sheltering, or Hiding Place) 

B) Description: A crab with two large claws 

C) Bright Stars: nebula cluster, Praesepe = The Multitude, The Innumerable Seed 

Ma'alaph = Assembled Thousands 

Al Himerein = The Lambs 

D) Decans: 

1) a) Name: URSA MINOR, The Little Bear 

b) Description: in oldest zodiacs of the Egyptians, Chaldeans, and Indians, it is not a bear, but a sheepfold

c) Bright Star: Dubheh = Herd of Animals 

Alpherkadain = Redeemed Assembly 

Kochab = Waiting For Him Who Cometh 

Brightest Star: Polaris, the Pole Star, the one used to set direction. (Note: 6,000 years ago the pole star was Drago 

2) a) Name: URSA MAJOR, The Big Dipper, Great Bear 

Arabic: Al Naish = The Assembled Together 

b) Description: Oldest plaispheres show a great sheepfold

c) Bright Stars: Dubheh = Herd 

Merach = Flock, in Arabic it means: Purchased 

Phacda = Guarded  

Cab'd al Asad = Multitude of the Assembled 

El Kaphrah = The protected, (Hebrew: = The Redeemed. 

Callisto = The Sheepfold 

3) a) Name: ARGO, The Ship 

b) Description: Ship with sails rolled up. (Note head of Lion on prow) 

c) Bright stars: Canopus = The Possession of Him Who Cometh 

Sephina = The multitude 

Tureis = The Possession 


A) LEO, The Lion = He That Rends, That Tears Asunder (Rev. 5:5) 

His Enemies Destroyed – This sign speaks prophetically of Christ’s total victory over sin, death, satan and the world. (Rev. 5:5)

B) Description: Charging lion whose feet are about to land on the head or neck of the serpent, Hydra 

C) Bright Stars: Regal = The Treading Underfoot 

Denebola = The Judge, The Lord Who Cometh Quickly 

Zosma = The Shining Forth  

Minchir al Asad = The Tearing of Him Who Lays Waste 

Al Defera = The Putting Down of The Enemy 

D) Decans: 

1) a) Name: HYDRA, The Serpent ' He is Abhorred' 

b) Description: slithering serpent outside the great circle of the ecliptic. 

c) Bright Star: Al Phard = The separated, The excluded

Minchir al Sugia = Tearing To Shreds of the Deceiver 

2) a) Name: CRATER, The Cup of Wrath (Rev.14:10 

b) Description: Cup fixed right on the back of the Serpent. 

c) Bright Stars: **** 

3) a) Name: CORVUS, The Raven 

Arabic: Minchir al Gorab = The Raven's Piercing, Tearing To Pieces (Rev.19:21) 

b) Description: Raven perched on back of Serpent. 

c) Bright Star: Al Chiba = The Curse Inflicted 

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