Frederick C. Kubicek

Chapter 1 - DANIEL'S 70TH WEEK  

Is Daniel's 70th week a future event - one of the signs of the end times that we are to be on the lookout for - or has some, or all of it taken place? How does (did) the abomination that causes desolation fit into this 70th week of years? 

Chapter 2 - TWO WITNESSES  

Who or what are the Two Witnesses of Revelation chapter 11? The myth that the Two Witnesses are Elijah and Moses/Enoch is explored in considerable detail. 

Chapter 3 - ENOCH AND ELIJAH  

In this study we discover the relationship which Enoch and Elijah have to both the Israelite's entering into the promised land, and our physical coming into the Father's presence without tasting of death. We will also see how they were foreshadows of God's promise to us that we will not all sleep. 


The identity of the "Mother of Prostitutes" is explored in this study. The question as to whether the fall of Babylon is past tense or future tense is thoroughly examined because of its importance to the issue of end time signs 


Many of today's pre-tribulation rapture oriented interpretations of Revelation chapters 4 thru 16 view these chapters as chronological. This study explores the strong possibility that rather than being totally sequential, these chapters are in fact giving us two separate, overlapping views of the events being discussed. 

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