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'Praise Parties'
where the 'Praise' is the party!
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Come Join us for 4 - 6 hrs of corporate praise & worship. You will have the opportunity to clap you hands, shout to the Lord and dance before him. The music is loud, intense and to- tally dedicated to God. At times you may find yourself face down on the floor completely consum- ed by His awesome presence.  At other times you may find yourself leaping before the Lord with total abandon as David did in II Sam. 6:14.  What you will not find is complacency

Next one is scheduled for: 
When -Check back for next scheduled event
Time - 7:00 PM 
Where - In the Fellowship hall we rent from the Presbyterian Church northeast across from the park here in Kansas. 

We have always believed that not only is the Lord Jesus Christ worthy to receive praise and honor from His church, but that coming into the fullness of God's presence is only possible through praise and worship. We have also found that there is nothing that can compare to the joy which is experienced by a believer who wholeheartedly abandons himself to the complete worship of the Most High God. As such, for the last few years we have regularly set aside at least one evening each month in which to engage in just such corporate praise. While we spend at least 1 - 1 1/2 hours in praise & worship each time we get together for Sunday services and 1/2 to 3/4 of an hour at each Wednesday evening Bible study, we still desired more. 

Our 'Praise Parties' began several years ago when we were asking the Lord how to close out a 30 day time of corporate fasting for our fellowship. During a time of prayer the Lord showed one of our elders that we were to have a joyous time of praise & fellowship. On that occasion we spent about 5 hours praising & worshipping. This period was interspersed with times of feasting (everyone brought something to eat), sharing and prayer. Needless to say, we all had an absolutely wonderful time. 

The Lord's presence was so awesome that we wanted to have another one. For the most part, we have had one almost every month since that first one. We have had them in Fred & Alice's home when we were a house church, the fellowship hall we currently use for our services, in our community park, at Corner- stone and even the gym of the old grade school here in Kansas. Whether we use cd's or are led by our worship team, each one has been different, yet the Lord has always blessed us with the awesomeness of His presence in very real and tangible ways. 

Unbelievers who have been invited to attend have accepted Christ as their Savior because they also have experienced His presence. Back slidden believers have been drawn back by the Holy Spirit as the fullness of His presence began to settle in upon the worship- pers, while other nominal believers have turned away because they have been unwilling to commit themselves to the deeper walk with Christ which the Father is calling all His children into. We have heard angels singing along with us as we entered into worship, new believers have been delivered from demonic spirits which had previously controlled their lives, and several of those present have received visions from the Lord.

Oct 31,1999 Praise Party at TLC gym

October 30, 2000 Praise Party at fellowship hall we 
rent from the Presbyterian Church here in Kansas, IL. 

July 3rd 2001 Praise Party at Cornerstone

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