Frederick C. Kubicek
Chapter 1 - WHY FLESH ?  

This chapter explains why it was actually necessary for Jesus to become a physical man and die in order to save us from our sins, as opposed to God merely forgiving Adam and starting over. This study explains the foundation upon which God's kingdom principles are based. 


In this chapter, the Scriptures which reveal the deity of the Holy Spirit are discussed. The Scriptural basis for the present day existence and use of the gifts of the Spirit is also set forth. 


The relationship between the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the river of life spoken of by Jesus, and our commitment to the Lord is the topic of this chapter. 

Chapter 4 - WALK BY FAITH  

Why does II Cor.5:7 tell us to "…walk by faith and not by sight?" That verse is examined in light of the concept of trusting God's Word regardless of our physical circumstances. This study also explains how God's Word can actually change our physical circumstances so that they conform to His Word. 

Chapter 5 - SAY IT  

The importance of verbally expressing God's Word is clearly explained here. 

Chapter 6 - NOT VOID  

God's Word is powerful, and it does not return to Him without first accomplishing the purpose for which it was sent forth. This lesson not only provides the Scriptural proof for that statement, but also reveals its relevance for us today. 

Chapter 7 - WE WERE HEALED  

This chapter examines virtually every verse in the New Testament which deals with the topic of physical healing. The part which faith and hope play in God's overall plan for us to walk in divine health is also examined. Those verses, which at first glance appear to indicate that sickness is directly from God in order to teach us something, are also examined in detail. 


Answers the question, "Does God want us to prosper here and now?" and "What relationship if any, exists between material prosperity, and praising God?". 


In this study we take a look at what our attitude towards money, and the things which it will buy, should be. Particular attention is drawn to the difference between what it means to agape money or philo it. 

Chapter 10 - HOW DO I LOVE THEE?  

This chapter looks at the question Jesus asked Peter in John 21:15-17, "…(D)o you truly love me?" What is the relationship between truly loving God and loving our brothers and sisters in Christ, our neighbors and our enemies? How we should express our love towards others is also considered. 

Chapter 11 - YOURS, MINE & OURS 

How much is required of us in the realm of giving to those who are in need? Should the church be looking at some type of communal structure in order to meet those needs? In addition to answering these questions, this lesson examines the concept of private ownership of property in both the Old and New Testaments, as well as Jesus' direct teaching on this subject. 

Chapter 12 - TITHE 

What is the purpose of giving? How much, and how often are we to give today? These questions highlight the topics of this study. 

Chapter 13 - DO NOT MUZZLE THE OX 

This chapter explores the reasons why God has stated that those whom He has chosen to preach and teach His Word are to be financially supported by those whom they serve. 

Chapter 14 - RAPTURE - WHEN? 

A detailed study as to when, in terms of the sequence of events, we rise to meet the Lord in the air. 


The importance of praise, its relationship to our worship of God and the very reason for our existence on this earth are discussed in some detail. The interrelationship which exists between our praising God, our position as priests (II Pe.2:9), the Feast of Tabernacles, and the end times is also examined. 

Chapter 16 - WORSHIP HIM NOW  

What does it mean to worship God as set forth in both the Old and New Testaments? What is the relationship which exists between pride, humility, worship and the last days Feast of Tabernacles? These questions are all discussed in some detail. 

Chapter 17 - WITH ALL HIS MIGHT 

God's explicit directions to us concerning the physical level of our praise and worship are delved into here. What does God say about dancing, shouting, clapping our hands and raising them? How do these actions relate to the end times and Gods glory? 

Chapter 18 - FIRST OF ALL PRAY 

Both the extreme importance of prayer and prayer's purposes are outlined here. Without continual prayer we cannot experience the totality of God's will in our life. 

Chapter 19 - A WING AND A PRAYER 

This final chapter examines the relationship which praise has to prayer. How do we come into the Father's presence? What does it mean to intercede in prayer? What, or for whom, do we intercede, and what importance does God place upon intercession? These questions are all discussed in this study. 

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