Mission Adventure 99
Monday July 19th through Wednesday July 28th
     For 10 days in July and August three youth groups from three separate churches who had never met before, and who lived more then 1,000 miles from each other, became one body. Our sole purpose was to share the love of Jesus Christ with those members of the Navajo nation who had never experienced His grace and mercy in their lives before. In the process of doing so each member of our team grew in their own personal relationship with Jesus in ways that mere words cannot express. 
Along with youth groups from the Church of the Holy Spirit in Highlands Ranch, CO and the Church of the Holy Comforter in Broomfield, CO seven members of Unlimited Glory Ministries in Kansas, IL took part in the 'Mission Adventure - Route 99 outreach to Shiprock, NM sponsored by 


Youth With A Mission - Denver base (YWAM). 
Let the Adventure Begin
After having driven more then 1,000 miles from our home in Kansas, IL we arrived at Camp Rosalie, (located about 40 miles southwest of Denver) around 3:30 on Monday the 19th.  We were immediately greeted by camp directors Mark & Donna and the rest of the YWAM staff, and made to feel right at home. 

Within the hour the other team members from the Church of the Holy Spirit and the Church of the Holy Comforter had arrived, and we began to settle into camp life. (Needless to say, we kidded them about the fact that we had driven for 2 days and got to camp before they did, even though they only had an hour's drive).  

Shortly after dinner in the dining tent we were given a run down of what the rest of our time at base camp was to be like.  We than had an opportunity to take part in what was to become a trademark of our team - awesome praise and worship. 


YWAM praise team 
Left to right -Chris(behind post), Justin, Karen, Josh, Lindsay, Andrea & Mark
In fact, the whole team presented Mark and Donna with a rather unusual problem.  By Wednesday evening the 3 separate groups had truly become one team.  I believe this was due in no small part to their desire to praise and worship the Most High in total freedom and at every opportunity.  They simply didn't want to stop!  Even when it was time for lights out/quiet time in camp, they were still in the lodge praising God. What made Mark's job of telling us it was time to stop more difficult was the fact that many of the YWAM staff were also there with us. Mark admitted though that that was a wonderful problem to be faced with. But I am getting a little ahead of myself. Getting back to Monday evening - we did eventually make it to the bunkhouse.   
Believe it or not, at the end of the week the guys won  
the 'Platinum Plunger' award for the cleanest bunkhouse 

Immediately after breakfast each day we had 45minutes of quiet time. During this period we could work on daily assignments which were found in our Mission Adventure Magazine, read the Bible or pray as we sought God's direction for the coming day. 

Quiet time by the stream which ran nearby camp
Evan, Andy & Kenn 
After some awesome teaching by YWAM staff members on Tuesday morning (and several other times each day) we had a chance to become better acquainted during the team games we played. In addition to a version of 'twister' and a softball game where every team member bats and keeps running the bases until every member of the outfield team has touched the ball and then gotten it back to the pitcher, we had to hold a bat, spin around it seven times and then try to run back to our group.  

Every afternoon we had an opportunity to learn various skits, plays, puppet shows, and other unique ways of presenting the Gospel message to both groups and individuals.  (Without getting ahead of myself again we were to use all these new skills during our outreach to the Navajo.)  For example, here is one of the puppet shows which we were to do several times during our outreach. One of the shows had to do with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and the fiery furnace, another was an upbeat 'Who's In The House - JC', one was called 'Oil In My Lamp,' and another was a Christian version of 'Lean On Me.' 

Still another fun activity which we learned to do was using balloons.  The team members made 'swords of the spirit', animals from the ark and other creations as well - all to the eventual delight of the kids who were to come to the VBS' which we held on the reservation. 

Paul and Stephanie 

From Monday evening on, it seemed like the more musically inclined members of the team played anything they could get their hands on. By early Wednesday the outreach team's worship team had come together, and along with the YWAM staff worship team we spent many hours in prayer and praise. 

Mission Adventure 99
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