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     In July 1999 the Lord began a wonderful work using members of these two separate churches. In June of this year, He allowed us to come back together and continue that which He had begun last year. Rather than reiterate everything we have previously said about Youth With A Mission and it's wonderful Mission Adventure Program, please take the time to visit our Mission Adventure 1999 page.  
     This year's Adventure actually began last October when, after  prayer and fasting, the Lord showed each of our groups that we were to return to Camp Rosalie where, with the help of YWAM's base camp staff, some of last year's Adventure veterans from each church, and numerous newer team members, we were to again become one team. As was true last year, our ultimate destination was Many Waters Mission immediately north of the Navajo Indian Reservation in Waterflow, NM. 

    As you will note from reading the report of last year's trip, praise and worship was without a doubt one of the key features of that journey. While praise and worship were to remain foundational to Mission Adventure 2000 (M2K), long before we left home for Colorado, the Lord began to impress upon us the overwhelming importance which unity derived from prayer was going to play in this year's venture. 

     Virtually everything which could happen to prevent each of our groups from coming together did happen. Not only were there problems relating to the composition of the leadership itself, but the final makeup of each part of the team was in doubt until the last day. Numerous members of last year's team who had previously committed to going on this year's trip dropped out, and some newer members who had earlier expressed an interest in going, turned out not to be spiritually ready. (After we arrived at Camp Rosalie, the Lord showed us that as was true with Gideon's Army, the Lord had allowed our numbers to be pared down to exactly the number He wanted to use to accomplish the task which He had set out for us, but I am getting a little ahead of myself)  

     With each passing week, as leaders of the two parts of the team communicated, we were were continually asking the members of the other part of the team to lift us up in prayer for various reasons.  For the 2 weeks which preceded the trip itself several members of the UGM contingent engaged in a time of corporate prayer and fasting. One of the reasons which we did this was to seek the Lord's direction concerning every aspect of the trip, including our transportation. As it turned out, this issue was not settled until 9:00 AM on the morning of Monday June 12th. (Which was 3 hrs. AFTER we were scheduled to leave.)  

     satan's attacks however were not limited to either our time of preparation for the trip, or our drive out to Colorado. Once we got there we discovered that we were right in the middle of one of the worst wild fires that had hit Colorado in decades.  Imagine our thoughts as we got closer and closer to Camp Rosalie only to discover that the area was under a 24 hr evacuation notice. At any moment we could be ordered out by the Sheriff. As we approached Pine Junction the clouds of smoke filled the ridges to our left, and TV crews were set up on the road which led to Camp in order to get front line coverage of the fires.  While our prayers were centered on accomplishing the mission which the Lord had brought us here to undertake, we were still mindful of those who had lost their homes and businesses.  

     The second night at Camp Rosalie brought about a different attack. Earlier that evening several team members sensed that there was a presence near one of the bunk houses, but did not pray in depth about the issue.   About 11:00 PM one of the girls pounded on the door of the boy's bunkhouse. She was screaming that my wife Alice was under attack by satan and was having severe medical problems. 

    It didn't work though. Even though this incident necessitated a trip to the emergency room of a Denver hospital (more then an hour away) we were under God's protection. I know that even though I was a flatlander driving down the mountain at midnight, God's angels were all around us. I also knew that numerous members of our team were back at camp praying in the spirit for both our safe journey, and immediate return to camp. While Alice, Evan and I did lose a night's sleep, we made it back to camp around 7:00 AM.  

     Please do not misunderstand my reason for including all these details. It is not my desire to make these events sound worse than they were, nor am I insinuating that YWAM was not on top of the situation. In point of fact, the camp staff was in contact with the Sheriff's office at all times, and while we had been advised to be prepared to evacuate immediately if the winds shifted, we were not in imminent physical danger. 
   What I am attempting to point out is that last year our two groups truly became one team. As such, in addition to conducting vacation Bible schools at several locations in Navajo Land, we were used by the Lord to engage in some powerful spiritual warfare at various spiritual high places on the Navajo Reservation. Because of this, there is no doubt in my mind that satan was going to do everything possible to prevent our two groups from reuniting, and continuing where we left off. However, both parts of the team were well aware of his intentions. Therefore, we each redoubled our resolve to overcome satan in the name (nature) of Jesus. We prayed, we fasted, we praised and worshipped the Most High God, and PRAISE GOD, we prevailed in the Name of Jesus. 

    I have reported all this not to lift us up, but to lift up the Name of Jesus, and encourage each of you who may be thinking about taking part in a trip of this type. satan may indeed try to prevent you from going, but don't surrender. The victory is already ours. Our job is to enforce the victory Jesus has already won for us. 

     Again though I have gotten a little ahead of myself. As was true last year we spent two days driving from our home in Kansas, IL to the Denver area. The first night we spent at the KOA Campground in Salina, KS.  From there it was about a 500 mile drive to Camp Rosalie. As was also true last year we arrived at camp about 1/2 hr before the members of the Church of the Holy Spirit. This year however we were not greeting a group of strangers, but brothers and sisters we had not seen for almost a year.  I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to see Mark and Donna, as well as those other members of the YWAM staff who were returning from last year.  

Donna greets Terah and Angie

     After dinner each group had an opportunity to get better acquainted with the new members of both CHS and UGM. The staff helped us do this first by dividing us up into 4 teams. Each team had the task of designing a cage for an egg.  The cage was to be composed of about 2 dozen straws and a yard of duct tape. The cage was to be designed in such a way as to protect the egg from a fall of about 6 feet. In this picture the egg is inside the white spidery looking contraption about 3 feet off the ground near the center post. (By the way, our groups egg did not survive the fall) 
     After trying our hands at eggineering,  the YWAM staffers decided that we needed a little exercise. As such, they had us pair up for a three legged game of kick ball.  Not only did it bring us all a little closer, but for those members of the team who were from UGM, and who were used to an elevation of 700 ft above sea level, this 8,500 air was a bit of a challenge.  Even though we were a little bit winded, everyone seemed to have a good time. 

     At this point we went into the Lodge for a time of praise and worship.  By this time a well meaning, but a bit overanxious neighbor had come over to the camp and advised one of the staff members that the fire was shifting and that we may have to evacuate.  On the positive side, the team's response to this news was one of prayer and praise, not panic. As it turned out, the information we received was incorrect. Here was another example of God turning something which satan meant for harm into good. As it turned out, the intensity of the praise and prayer which took place that evening caused some of those team members who had not experienced this level of spiritual warfare before to ask thoughtful and insightful questions as to how shouting, clapping and dancing fit into God's overall pattern of praise and warfare. 

     After praise and worship the YWAM staff performed one of their 'famous' skits.  As was true with each one they did over the next few days, this one had a message.  I have to be honest though, I can't remember exactly what the meaning of this one was. I think it had something to do with the camp rules. After this program we were able to have a meeting with our own groups, and then it was time for 'quiet time at camp.'  

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