After our set up crew finished getting our campsite in order they relaxed. 
Set up crew - left to right: Angie, John (a visitor from next door),
Terah, Andy, & Paco (in back: Evan, Jody and Amanda) 
Some however relax a little more than others
At least Angie wasn't drooling        
But then our neighbor from last year - Mike from Florida, returned. Only this year he had a set up which became known as the 'Cornerstone Condo.'  We helped him set it up.

After all that work, it was time for one of Fred's delicious meals.
This time it was Dutch oven Apricot glazed, stuffed, Rock-Cornish Game Hens and baked potatoes cooked over the coals.
Now that's a meal
This year we gave away over 
1,500 copies of Fred's book
Evolution - Guilty As Charged 
  Before we can give away the books      Kevin, one of our neighbors who 
  we have to unload them first.               volunteered to help, was overwhelmed 

During the past 3 year we have given away more than 3,000 copies of this book at Cornerstone. This year the Lord was gracious enough to allow us to hear from some of the folks who had picked it up in the past.  One lady related to us that her son's science teacher read it and accepted Christ as his Savior as a result.  Another lady shared how her husband accepted Jesus after reading it. Needless to say we were greatly encouraged by such testimonies. 
(An updated version of Evolution - Guilty As Charged is available for reading or downloading on our website at

Here Fred (behind the table) enjoys talking to a group which has
stopped by to pick up copies of the book
In between prayer times, times of teaching, concerts and meals,  our group whiles away their time in a game of rubber dart gun target practice. (They used each other as the targets; however, they did wear safety glasses - I think. Look carefully and you can even see the dart half way between the shooter and Evan) 


You can even practice your skateboarding technique. (Don't tell Jody, but it works better at the half-pipe) 

Now Markus knows how to do it right. 

That's Markus with the blond hair at the top of the pipe.
And then if you really don't know what to do, you can see how many people you can stuff in an inner tube 
Daniel (from Virginia), Terah, Jody & John in tube, Paco in background 
Of course, there is always a friendly game of buck buck going on nearby. 
That's our neighbor Josh from Florida - Cornerstone Condo -,  flying through the air.
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