First our pictures & then our observations of C2K

Even though C2K didn't begin until after the 4th,
we couldn't forget Terah's birthday.  We've celebrated 

it at Cornerstone for each of the past four years, and this one was not going to be any different.

She even got some presents 
While we were are Camp Rosalie during our Mission Adventure outreach this year, the camp director told me that Will, one of last year's camp staff members was going to be at Cornerstone this year. Will (on the left) along with Andy, Andria and Adam, were going to be manning a booth at CS which told about the activities at YWAM Denver. At that time the Lord told me that we were to have them join us at our campsite for all their meals.  

     As it turned out God was merely preparing the way for them. They had accidentally left their money at a friend's house in Pennsylvania before heading out to Bushnell.  And to make matters worse, the only one with any cash had his wallet stolen during the trip from PA to IL. Therefore, when they arrived at CS they didn't have any food money.  But God had already taken care of the situation, for when they arrived they found the note I had left for them inviting them to our site for all their meals! What a joy it was to renew our friendship with Will ,and get to know Andria, Adam and Andy. 

Speaking of meals, here are Jody and Terah making a salad for dinner
We had a lot of rain before the festival really got started, and this year Jenny decided to become one of the 'mud people.' I figured I had better get this picture before she got completely covered. 

     As has been true in the past, there are a lot of activities which are not part of the official festival. Here are a few pictures of some of them. 

There were even bag pipes. Unfortunately, they also played at least once around 3:00 A.M.
But then some members of our group (AJ) can sleep through anything!!
Here is this year's group
This year Cornerstone was significantly different from the last 4 years. Rather than go into a detailed discussion about what happened, and how it impacted us, I have decided to post part of a letter I sent via e-mail to John Herrin, the director of the festival.  

Dear John 

     ...This year was our 5th time attending Cornerstone. Over the years we have had the opportunity to meet many wonderful brothers in the Lord who are associated with CS, among them Eric and Dennis at security and Dan ... who helps host seminar speakers. Each year we look forward to renewing these friendships, and needless to say, we were not disappointed this year. One afternoon I had the opportunity to share several of my observations about this year's event with Eric, and he urged me to drop you a line and share them with you. 

     Having said that, please understand that this is not a letter of criticism, nor am I one of those people who say, "Well last year we did it this way," or "Cornerstone is not the same anymore." Anyone who has taken the time to read the Bible will be aware of two things. First of all, as growth occurs change takes place, and secondly, God seldom does the same thing the exact same way twice. Therefore, change at Cornerstone is not necessarily bad. 

     While our group has not directly participated in the CS volunteer program, we believe that we have added our part to the Festival. Each year for the past 4 years we have given away 1,500 copies of my book 'Evolution: Guilty As Charged.' We do this because the young people who attend CS are the very ones who are hit with this subject day in and day out in school. So far we have given out close to 6,000 copies. Several members of our fellowship attend the concerts, not to listen to the music, but to pray for the musicians during their performances, and pray that the Lord will touch those in attendance. I mention these things not to lift us up, but merely to point out that our heart is for the Lord and the work He is doing at CS. 

     Each year we have been able to camp at the same location. (On the west side of the road at the 'Y' about 200 yards past the showers on the way to the beach/ mainstage.) We have found this to be a strategic location for purposes of giving away our books and offering water and lemonade to passersby who on their way to and from beach/main stage or to or from the seminars/ Encore tents. As such we have been in the position to observe nearly everyone who attends CS. After all, at some point during CS everyone passes by our site. 

    Here are my observations as to why this year's festival was so much different that any of the previous four: 

     In the past we have told the members of our church who are attending CS with us for the first time that about 1/2 of the people who are attending CS are dedicated, turned on, sold out brothers and sisters in the Lord. About 1/4 are not really sure where they are with the Lord, but they are honestly seeking. And about 1/4 are unsaved. And many of these have been brought to CS by their saved friends in hopes that the Lord would touch them during the festival. This year that was definitely not the case.  

     This year there were still about 1/2 of the people who were turned on for the Lord. However, the majority of the remainder were not only unsaved, but appeared to have absolutely no desire or intention of seeking God. They were there simply for the music. In effect what this did was change CS from a Christian Festival to a music festival with a Christian slant. And there is a vast difference between the two views.  

     Don't get me wrong, there were still all the same activities as in the past - the seminars, artrageous, the games, boating etc. And these events and activities were still well attended by all the people who normally take part in them each year. At the same time however the remaining 50% or so of the festival goers who were not interested in Christ were busy doing their thing on the festival grounds where they may well have gone unnoticed by those who were attending seminars.  

     This other group were parking their cars in total defiance to CS securities' requests to move their cars so as not to block traffic. They were driving their cars all over the festival grounds without regard to the no driving during the festival rule. They were shooting off fireworks most of the evening (an extremely dangerous activity in a 'Tent City"), and being rather rude to passersby - in some cases out right profane. ... In short, this 50% was generally doing things that unregenerated mankind is known to do.  

     As security was unable to control this situation by even towing cars to the parking lot, or by ejecting flagrant rule violators, the net effect of all this was that CS lost its family camp atmosphere. I am personally aware of 2 families who left the festival early simply because of the chaos that was developing. In reality, by Thursday evening I was concerned that in some ways the festival was on the verge of anarchy.  

     Please do not misunderstand my motive for writing you. Some people would say that our purpose is to reach the lost, and we should not expect them to be able to live by our code of conduct. Up to a point I would definitely agree with them. However, CS is not advertised as a 'Mission Trip.' It is in effect presented as a Christian Summer Camp setting with all the benefits of a major Christian Music and Art Festival. Those families who were going to experience a time of rest and relaxation with the Lord were sorely disappointed this year. In reality this was as much of a mission trip as our group had just returned from 3 days before we headed to CS. ... 

     For those who say that we should not complain about the behavior of the lost, I would respond in this manner. Cornerstone is not supposed to be the drug infested inner city. In fact, Cornerstone has in the past been presented as an extension of JPUSA. In reality then the lost have been invited into our setting, we have not gone into theirs. As such, they are under our authority and guidelines, we are not under theirs. This is as it must be if CS is going to continue to be presented as a Christian Family Activity. Keep in mind that according to Nu. 11:4 it was the 'rabble' who accompanied the Israelites out of Egypt who induced the Israelites into committing some of the ungodly acts they engaged in during their wilderness journey. When we invite the ungodly to join with us we must assume the responsibility of their actions. We must be prepared in the spiritual realm to come against the forces they bring with them. We must hold them accountable for their actions.  

     Many of the Christians who brought unsaved friends with them, or told their unsaved friends about CS and urged them to come, did not accept this responsibility. ... (Note, I am not complaining about the bagpipes at 2:30 AM, the water balloons, the mud people, or kids merely being kids. That is probably as much a part of CS as are all the other good things I have mentioned.) 

     If the Lord has us return next year we will do so prepared for a mission outreach. By this I mean that we will be involved in spiritual warfare, with an extended time of prayer and fasting before we come. We will be prepared to be on our spiritual guard at all times. In the past we have been able to have a little R&R at CS, but not this year. 

      Under these circumstances I believe that the CS organizers need to do one of two things. 1) Enforce the rules which are clearly listed, thereby maintaining the 'Christian Family Camp' atmosphere which is presented in all of the CS advertisement. Or 2) Advise people that CS is now a mission activity which will require those Christians in attendance to be as prepared for this as they would for an extended foray into either the inner city or the heart of a non-Christian nation.  

Your brother in the Lord, 
Frederick C. Kubicek 

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