Where does all this take place?
We camped at Shades State Park in Northern Parke County Indiana, and spent all day Saturday visiting Mansfield, IN
We set up our tents on Thursday evening, so when we got to camp on Friday afternoon, everything was waiting fo us..
All we had to do was light the fire, break out the marshmallows and
heat up the water for our hot chocolate.
Alice, Evan, Ken & Cyrus
After a great dinner of bratwurst cooked over the coals, it's time to sit around the campfire and enjoy an evening of fellowship and singing.
Ken, Adin, Jody, Terah, Evan, Jeremy, Cyrus, Ellen, Alice, Stephanie
After a cool evening (40 F degrees) we headed to Mansfield, IN
bright and early the next morning.
Background: Ellen & Jeremy
Foreground: Adin, Stephanie, Ken, Cyrus, Evan, Jody & Terah
Main street in Mansfield by mid-morning
Jeremy & Ellen (who got married in May and now live in St.Louis)
came in for the weekend.  Ellen's mom (Nancy) met us at the old grist mill in Mansfield. 
Alice, Jeremy, Nancy & Ellen
Like the rest of the festival grounds, the food court is crowded, but the food is delicious.
It's kind of like 'Where's Waldo' only this is 'Where's Nancy?'
(Hint - she's near the middle of the picture)
It wouldn't be the Covered Bridge Festival without a covered
bridge, so here is the Mansfield Bridge.
Crossing the bridge to check out more vendors.
By late afternoon everyone is tired, so we head back to theMill to meet up with the rest of the group. 
Finally, a chance to sit down!
Jody & Alice
After a foil dinner, we enjoy another evening of fellowship around the campfire.
Evan, Ken (guitar), Cyrus (waving), Adin, Tony (guitar), Stephanie,
Jennifer, Jody (Hat), Jeremy
Sunday morning dawned bright and much warmer than Saturday.
Fred fixed scrambled eggs, biscuits, & sausage gravy for breakfast.
Terah, Ellen, Adin, Ken, Jeremy (with hat on behind Ken)
Sunday service was around the campfire.
Terah, Evan, Ken (leading praise & worship), Adin, Jody, Cyrus, Stephanie & Alice (back to camera)
Sunday night several members of the group slept out under the stars.
On Monday afternoon it was time to break camp and head back home.
(For Illinois students Monday was the Columbus Day holiday, so no one missed school)  
We definitely thanked the Lord both for the wonderful weather all weekend, and the refreshing time of fellowship we shared with everyone who was able to take part in this year's fall campout.